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Meet ISM

     ISM University of Management and Economics – one of the leaders in Northern and Eastern Europe. Each year ISM receives awards and accreditations to prove its status as one of the best business school in the region.

     University sometimes is still surrounded by myths and questions by students. How the admission works? Which major suits me the best? Will be enough for me to have exam score XYZ to be sure that I will get into ISM?



     To tackle issues mentioned above, marketing campaign Good Question! was created. Targeted to junior and senior yeat high school students in Lithuania it encouraged students to ask questions they care about university life.

     The designated website klauskISM.lt was created in which you can submit your question (not even concerning ISM University!). The another part of the campaign was provocative – banners with the short versions of frequently asked questions when applying for the university which linked students to klauskISM.lt website.



   The central hub of the campaign, gathering students and people interested. Besides the ability to ask question, website offers four sections to learn more about:

  • Questions. Initially only list of FAQ provided by ISM, it was expanded with the most interesting questions asked by students.
  • Facts. Information regarding studies at ISM University of Management and Economics.
  • Advices. How to write a good cover letter? How to be less stressful before exams? Advice section got your back.
  • Moments. Best of ISM Instagram feed.

1. Go to KlauskISM.lt and submit question

2. Personal consultant is assigned to you

3. Answer reaches your mailbox within 24 hours, including weekends and festive days.

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