Better way to take attendance? Present!

Why Attendance App?

     You come to your class late. Once again. You know it happened yesterday, the day before yesterday and so many other times that you lost the count. Everyone is frustrated – you, your teacher, and your dog that ate your homework for breakfast. 
     Why not try to change that? Let us track your attendance seamlessly. Let us help with your schedule and previous records so that you could improve. Everyone will be happy again – you, your teacher (finally no paper sheets and shouting "present!") and your cute dog.



     This app was a project, made for IIT class "User-Centered Digital Service Design Innovation Workshop", produced by Tomas Šiurna, Nasif Rabbi, Märit Lidvall, Triet Phan and Ch Aadal Saeed. In the process I was responsible for app design concept, overall look & feel. Here is the result.

Once phone with the Attendance App installed gets into the class, phone receives the signal and app sends notification for a student.

Working app prototype. Student checks-in automatically when app catches beacon nearby.

The app utilizes the latest iOS features to achieve even more.

Swipe left on the lock screen and get all info needed for current and upcoming classes!

Once in the app, the student can glance over attendance scores for all classes.

To motivate students to go an extra mile, the app offers badges and achievements system for being on time for a longer time.

Data is useless if not used. In detailed class view, the student can see all previous attendance records summarized in a bubble graph.

More detail needed? No problem – list provides precise timing for each class attended. To keep up with the lecture if you are absent, we provide Contact lecturer feature.

Dean's Choice

IIT IPRO Day, 2016

Honorable Mention Shortlist

IIT Innovation Showcase, 2016

The Road Ahead

     We believe this app concept is the sound basis of what can be done. Only very few apps provide the functionality Attendance App suggesting. Moreover, this is only a baby steps, and attendance records are only the first puzzle piece.
     Let us take University experience back to the 21st century with the help of apps – no more trays of paper or confusing Excel sheets to calculate the final score, easy to use assignment system and faculty-friendly admin panel. Our app can provide this framework. So this is only the beginning.

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