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From Weekend Project To News Headline

     Let us admit; sometimes it is hard to understand geeks. For example, instead of playing a video game or just reading a book with a cup of green tea and slice of lemon, they decided to spend the weekend creating a quiz game in Lithuanian language, which they felt there was a lack of. For me, being one of those two geeks, it was an unforgettable lesson – if you hit the right market in the right with an good product, the results can be way better than you might imagine.

     After a weekend of hacking, our team launched a game and expected to have around 5000 users in a long term perspective – at the time (2012-2013) Android app usage in Lithuania was in its early days, especially for local-made apps. However, it took less than few days to beat 5000 "goal" and less than a week till one of the biggest Lithuanian news site posted about Kviz. The crazy journey started.


Questions in the database

250 000+



Rating in a Google Play Store

Kviz! gameplay on various platforms (Android, Web, Windows 8)

How Kviz works?

     The rules of Kviz! the game is pretty straight forward and clear. It is a trivia game that consists of 27 questions in each play. The player has 10 minutes to answer all 27 questions correctly and collect points for each answer.

  • Level 1 – 2 questions (10 pt./answer)
  • Level 2 – 3 questions (20 pt./answer)
  • ...
  • Level 6 – 7 questions (60 pt./answer)

     The maximum possible amount is 1120. However, be careful! One wrong answer and game is over! To avoid failure, player can choose to use one of the helps options provided:

  • The Right Way. All incorrect answers are removed, the player is left with the only choice.
  • 50:50. Not sure which option to choose? All questions have four options, so we remove two incorrect ones.
  • Veto the question. Player skips the question – it is changed with the one in the same level.

That is it! Now you are more than ready to go and conquer TOP score in Kviz!

Kviz! quickly gained attention from the most popular internet publications in Lithuania.

Players loved it!

"Unreal game. Even my mom downloaded it, it is awesome way to learn new things and spent time in a meaningful way."

"I cannot remember the last time that the bus ride seemed so short when I played Kviz!"

"Damn, it made me think."