The biggest youth leadership conference in Lithuania




Unforgettable event

Summer Camp Goes Beyond

     Since 2012, Lyderių Inkubatorius (LI) was one of the leading summer and winter camps brands in Lithuania. LI program, divided into seven steps (Team Up, Who I Am, Be Better, Break Off, Discover, Find Your Way, Go!) was designed to encourage and motivate high school students to look more than school life offers and move towards their dreams and aspirations.

      As one might say, the only constant thing is change, so it was time to face a new challenge for LI itself and reinvent the idea while providing one new program – youth leadership conference. The preparation stage took six months and during this period I was a lead designer for LI's conference.

Brand Refresh

     As I took over the designer position, the camp already logo and brand colors. However, a bold and future-oriented vision of LI Conference required some changes, yet keeping logo recognizable for people who were familiar with LI previously. The consensus was to simplify LI color scheme and reflect those changes on a logo, making it more monochrome.

AFTER. New logo & color scheme. Solved readability issue with Ų, in previous logo ogonek look like an arrow for word INKUBATORIUS

Marketing Material

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I have worked with Tomas Šiurna for over a year now. He is a able to quickly analyse any project case and deliver quality results-oriented marketing. His ability to produce large volumes of high-quality design are remarkable. If that were not enough, he is one of the most technically savvy people I know. I would definitely work with Tomas again and always look for opportunities to get him involved in my projects.

Marija Vorobjovaitė, LI Conference manager

Photos & video from conference by Eitvydas Kinaitis, Dominykas StelmokasDromas